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‘The Wicked + The Divine #39:’ Advance Comic Book Review

It’s the end of the “Mothering Invention” arc, and with its end, the finale to this series is brought forward. As we rocket towards what will be the end of the series, we see the fates of many of the gods hang in the balance as the final plan of Minerva comes into play. With her and Woden’s machinations lining up the way they’d planned, it is up to the rest of them to put an end to it, if they can. With Persephone’s life in shambles and the rest of the gods dead, scattered, or captured, things are looking bleak as we hit the end of the line of this part of the series.

I’ve come to a point where I can freely admit that I’m not certain I understand everything happening in this series, but I still absolutely love everything being presented. The time jumps give us valuable information into how this all came to be, with the grand plans and the even grander falls from grace all wrapped up together with a signature style and form that only this team can create. It’s an incredible feat to have crafted such a beloved series for this long and to keep going strong with such a rich, detailed story. The many, many awards this team has been nominated for, even just this past year, are well deserved.

Kieron Gillen does a lot of things well, but his conversationalism might be his best skill. This issue, in particular, has a lot of engaging conversations and incredible trains of thought wrapping into an intense story. Gillen is very skilled in his craft, especially when it comes to bringing forth a satisfying ending to a tale that is not yet over.

Jamie McKelvie is easily one of my favorite artists of this generation. His work is clean, detailed, and looks gorgeous. Paired with artistic partner Matt Wilson, this series has some of the most beautiful artwork in all of comics. Letterer Clayton Cowles bringing things home with some excellent lettering that completely complements every panel of the issue.

There’s something really dynamic about the way this series is produced. Even in this issue which features little in the way of action, there is an energy to it that lights up each page, even if that page mostly consists of characters sitting around and talking.

With “Mothering Invention” coming to a close, the final as-of-yet-unnamed arc is on the horizon. I have no idea where this final act will go, but I cannot wait to find out. The end is near, in many senses of the phrase, and it’s going to be interesting to see.

Creative Team: Kieron Gillen (Writer), Jamie McKelvie (Pencils), Matt Wilson (Colors), Clayton Cowles (Letters)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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