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‘Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell:’ Advance Comic Book Anthology Review

Cthulhu is not only hard to spell, but it’s also a pretty great way to create a collection of Lovecraftian stories. In Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell, many writers and artists came together to produce an anthology that builds the imagination in a way that can reach a variety of readers.

“I asked all our contributors to choose a god from Lovecraft’s pantheon and tell a story about them. It could be a horror story, sure. But it could also be sci-fi, fantasy, action, comedy, or anything in between, as long as it focused on the gods of Lovecraft.” – Russell Nohelty, Wannabe Press

Ask and you shall receive. Nohelty served as editor to a list of 35 completely unique stories which were crafted by an abundance of comic creators – a total of 70, including himself as writer on one story. Readers will enjoy the various tones represented in this collected work, ranging from humorous to creepy, exploring sensitive subjects such as suicide or coping with bullying or loneliness, and even getting a look at the evolution of light versus darkness.

What’s fantastic about Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell? This is a great introduction to the Lovecraft universe. As a beginner-level explorer in all things Lovecraft and the Old Gods, I didn’t feel excluded from the stories in any way whatsoever. These stories took a mythological creature or two (or more) and threw them into a wide array of scenarios and worlds, making each story interesting and worth turning the page from one to the next.

The creators are successful on many levels, particularly in the ability to lead a tale in one direction and then turn everything on its Cthulhu head. Some of these writers use these moments for a comical conclusion, where a mythological powerhouse comes toe to toe with a tougher enemy, along with a classic “Uh oh” or “Look out” feel. Humor definitely plays a role in building this anthology to keep it light and very amusing, or as much as possible when it comes to creepy gods who can devour worlds.

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Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell also presents readers with tragic moments and sobering realizations of circumstances surrounding some of these wonderful characters. In moments when you need a laugh, you’ll get one. In moments when you need to think about yourself or your friends in need of support, you’ll get what you need to feel better about being you. This anthology gives readers a chance to explore various genres surrounding the myth of the Old Gods of Lovecraft, which means there’s a little of something for everyone – even if you’ve never explored it, only listened to your friends talk about it, or perhaps you’ve played the Elder Signs board game over and over.

The cover art by Aaron Alexovich (Invader ZIM) does a great job at setting a reasonable expectation for fun and humorous stories, and once you open the pages, you’ll stick around for clever writing, vibrant illustrations, and compelling issues that make the normal non-Cthulhu (supposedly) world go round.

Creative Team: Various
Publisher: Wannabe Press
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S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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