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‘Black Badge #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Changing gears from their recent Eisner Award-nominated collaboration on Grass Kings, Matt Kindt and Tyler and Hilary Jenkins bring us Black Badge. The Black Badge is a group of elite boy scouts that are sent into places the military can’t go, places that not even adults can get without looking suspicious. It’s a pretty straight-forward premise with a lot of room for adventure, plus a hefty amount of morals and ethics. It’s hard to say which direction the book is going to go as this first issue mostly sets up this premise, as our four Black Badges – three veteran kids and one newbie – have to trek into North Korea to accomplish a very specific mission. As kids, they are easily trained and they easily obey, and this first issue rattles their perception a little, pointing us down a possible path for future issues.

Black Badge is certainly directed more at young adult readers. The four kids I imagine are what a lot of kids want to be: heroes. It’s what I wanted to be: caught up in an adventure; saving people’s lives; fighting the bad guys. So, there is something relatable, something that strikes a chord in the me of yesteryear.

Tyler and Hilary Jenkins are a wonderful artistic team. Hilary’s vibrant colors bring to life beautiful landscapes for these dramas to take place in, which is good because, a lot of times, Tyler lets the characters stand in empty spaces, letting the placement of where the characters are tell a story that words alone can’t.

For those of you that read my reviews, you know that I hold Matt Kindt in high regard as a creator. He is one of the best comic writers out there, and while this first issue of Black Badge may not break any ground, it’s a solid start, and I’m curious to see where they’ll take it.

Creative Team: Matt Kindt (story), Tyler Jenkins (art), Hilary Jenkins (colors), Jim Campbell (letters), Eric Harburn (editor), Scott Newman (designer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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