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‘Blackwood #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Blackwood #3 feels like it’s in a rush to get somewhere but doesn’t know quite what to focus on. So many really fun ideas are being juggled around, but almost too many. Just as we’re about to have a character moment, there’s a revelation.  Just as we’re about to get a revelation, there’s suddenly new information.  Just as new information is about to be introduced, a monkey with two heads tries to steal your coat. I feel like for this story to have played out naturally and evenly would have benefited from additional issues, but again, I don’t have the final issue in my hand, so it’s hard for me to say.  So, let’s focus on issue three.

People start dying and we finally have a proper antagonist. All of this is settling into place in issue three, right when the story is almost over. I guess this goes back to the first paragraph. The book is being a little too secretive about its secrets, and the characters are a little too secretive about who they are. Every time something comes up, they all just say, “I don’t want to talk about it.” And then, we move on. One character was about to figure something important out, then someone walked into the room with information and she and the story forgot to come back to that moment. With one issue left, I don’t yet know what the dramatic reason to keep pushing off specifics about who these characters are and what’s going on would be, but after two issues of these twenty-somethings being pinballed around by strange events, it would be nice having a little more to ground me into the story before we dash to the conclusion.

That isn’t to say this book doesn’t have its charm and isn’t enjoyable. I loved the first two issues, and the fourth issue may tie it all up wonderfully. I love all of the characters, even though I really don’t know them that well at this point. I like the use of dark magic and how it fits into this world. I love the world itself and this strange school that finds kids who are maladjusted enough that they might be good at fighting off the likes of Cthulu-like monsters and demons.

There’s a lot of potential here, and I hope there are plans for further stories in this world after this story is done.

Creative Team: Evan Dorkin (writer), Veronica Fish (art), Andy Fish (layouts and letterer), Daniel Chabon (editor), Brett Israel (assistant editor), Mike Richardson (publisher), Sarah Terry (designer), Josie Christensen (digital art technician)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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