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‘Curse Words Volume 3:’ Advance Trade Paperback Review

Things are getting pretty complicated for Wizord in the third volume of the wonderfully entertaining Curse Words. With Platy-Margaret in captivity and Wizord doing his best to maintain his reign as the most awesome wizard in this realm, the stakes continue to rise and more complications arise. Hole World, the evil realm lead by the villain Sizzajee, is alive and well, and while the numbers in his cabal are dwindling, the master of that world shows off a few tricks that he still has up his sleeve.

This book is a ton of fun, and that starts with the amazing creative team on this book. Helmed by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne, this book is a modern-day-tinged fantasy that is full of action, suspense, magic, and a lot of very silly jokes. While the art is beautiful and the story is engaging, it’s the humor that really put this book over the top. It comes in the small details by way of inside editor’s notes and language descriptions, in sound effects and snappy comebacks. It’s an odd combination of elements, both funny and exciting. It’s been said before that Soule is the structure and Browne is the flash, and while that still feels true, as this book has progressed, it’s become more and more obvious how collaborative the effort is for the two of them. It’s a chemistry that is only seen on a few titles, and one that really makes this book work.

Let’s start with Charles Soule, the man with too many jobs. As a comic book writer, lawyer, and musician, Soule brings a lot of flair to the writing of this book, adding a structure and a simplicity for a story that could easily go off the rails very quickly. That’s not to say his fun side comes out of this, as well. In a ridiculous story full of magic, glory, and multiple worlds, Soule’s writing talent shines through brilliantly on this title.

As much as I love Soule’s work, and I very much do, Ryan Browne’s contributions stand out to me a little bit more. His artwork is brilliant and unique, and his all-encompassing art duties make it an even more impressive effort. His lettering decisions are the highlight of any work of his I’ve seen, with sound effects constantly making me laugh, a small detail that really puts this book over the top. Combined with Soule, this book’s artistic talent is through the roof, and Browne’s efforts are a tremendous visual representation of that.

Magic, love, hate, ridiculousness, and gorgeous artwork are just some of the things that really make this book work in a big way. With an amazingly talented creative team and some big ideas, Curse Words is a book that really hasn’t been seen in mainstream comics, but it’s here and, for that, I’m very pleased.

Creative Team: Charles Soule (writer), Ryan Browne (art)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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