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‘The Forever War: Forever Free #3’ – Comic Book Review

One of humanity’s greatest challenges is dealing with time. We want to keep it, save it, and turn it back. But, what if we actually could? What if we had the technology that allowed us to manipulate our destinies? Would you do it or just let it ride?

Marygay, her husband William, and a group of ex-Forever War soldiers and their families have decided to leave the planet, Middle Finger. Their mission – and hope – is to travel 400 centuries into a future where the hive mind of clones, known as MAN, and the Taurans no longer exist.  It is a bold experiment for the remnants of humanity.

Now the commander of the ship, Time Warp, Marygay notices small changes during the journey. Oysters fail to mature, certain files disappear, and then air from one of the reserve tanks vanishes and no one knows why. Most of the crew, including some of the children, suffer from depression, and one human attempts to kill the Tauran ambassador on board. But the crowning blow is when vast amounts of antimatter are lost for no reason. Fearing for their lives, Marygay orders everyone to the rescue ships for an emergency return trip to Middle Finger. Some of the crew refuses, citing that God has set them on this path and this is simply a test of faith.  Those who decide to return to Middle Finger have no idea that their journey will take them much farther and have a greater impact on who they are and the place of humanity in the universe.

This last installment of the series takes on a philosophical tone which requires several readings to wrap your head around it. Though very dialogue heavy, it’s necessary; however, the art adds a nice layer of depth and the splash pages with the inserts are used very effectively. I don’t want to spoil it, but the introduction of famous fictional and historical characters add a bit of levity into a comic that contains serious religious and philosophical concepts. It is a hard thing Mr. Haldeman has attempted to achieve here, and he has succeeded in spades.

As an added note, I highly recommend reading the novels, as well.

Creative Team: Joe Haldeman (Writer), Marvano (Artist)
Publisher: Titan Comics
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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