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‘Farmhand #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Farmhand comes from the mind of Rob Guillory who completed a 60+-issue run of the Eisner Award-winning Chew with writer John Layman in 2016. Guillory is the head creative force on this title, painting the first issue of a comic that’s filled with promise, beautifully gruesome spreads, and a familiar snarky sense of humor that on an otherwise morbid story. Farmhand is a story that begins completely in medias res, with the status quo being firmly set as soon as we begin the story. In the future, stem cell research has advanced due to a miracle discovery that has allowed the development and use of completely artificial organs.

The growth of artificial organs is completely literal, as the main setting we’re introduced to is a farm, complete with hands growing on trees, kidneys growing under the soil, and other body parts being plucked from trees like apples. In issue one, we’re introduced to a family, the son of the Jedidiah Jenkins, the farmer who made the stem cell discovery years ago, and likely the most famous farmer in the world. Jenkins’ Family Farm hasn’t seen the family in years, and it holds a color and diverse variety of organs and plants, as well as some dark secrets, just under the surface.

Farmhand starts with a brilliant first issue and is able to set an extremely sturdy foundation of information, context, and lore that helps to paint a picture of the world we’re introduced to while still seeing plenty of mysteries waiting to be unearthed. The book is just over 30 pages which really does allow it to do everything it can to use its time wisely and not waste a single panel, but Guillory’s excellent sense of pacing and development is what makes this book truly shine. The book has an identity of its own completely independent from any of Guillory’s previous works, and with a sense of mystery and horror that truly makes this story shine from the first 5 pages. Something sinister has been planted, and time will tell what fruits it will bare.

Creative Team: Rob Guillory (Creator, Writer, Primary Artist), Taylor Wells (Colors), Kody Chamberlain (Lettering and Logo), Burt Durand (Calendar Design)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Reed Harrison Strong, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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