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‘Coda #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The previous issue of Coda introduced a new character and took some time to develop her alongside our main character. This issue of Coda springs to colorful, chaotic life as a battle erupts outside of the fortress walls of Ridgetown.

To catch you up, this is a post-fantasy world; magic has run out, there are no more wizards, and heroism is wavering on the brink of disappearing for good. The only form of power now is a magical substance called “Akker.” Like gasoline to Mad Max, everyone wants Akker. Inside Ridgetown, most likely the last remaining Ylf is being held captive. Ylf is very much like an elf, I guess. Ylfs’ bodies naturally produce Akker. You cut a little flesh away, extract the Akker, the flesh grows back – viola, more Akker!

Hum is our war unicorn-riding anti-hero who will do anything to get back his wife Serka, but to do so, he needs Akker. Mix in a colossus, an army of vagabond warriors, and Hum and his unicorn nag who all want the Akker in Ridgetown by way of Matías Bergara’s majestically hazardous art, and this issue explodes to vibrant, epic life. The visuals and the colors are glorious. I want to hang pages form this issue on my wall. Collin Bell’s lettering adds to the general chaos. Nothing lets up!

What keeps the chaos grounded are Hum’s inner reflections on all of his actions. He writes to his wife, questioning who he is and what he’s become. Does the end result justify his means? Can Hum be everything he thinks he needs to be to guarantee his victory with complete selfishness, or will his selfless leanings eventually win him over? The twist at the end of this issue complicates things a great deal.

Simon Spurrier is spinning another adventure that once again goes beyond the incredibly enjoyable and energetic storyline, digging into the moral center of the character and how the world around them shapes or doesn’t shape who they choose to be.

Creative Team: Simon Spurrier (story), Matías Bergara (art), Michael Doig (color assist), Colin Bell (letters), Marie Krupina (designer), Eric Harburn (editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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