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‘Rick and Morty Presents: Krombopulos Michael #1’ – Comic Book Review

Despite some of the more divisive parts of the Rick and Morty franchise, their comic book offerings have always been a steady stream of laughs and ridiculousness. With publisher Oni Press’ decision to introduce one-shots of supporting characters a few times a year, the ability to be even more insane grows with each passing issue. The current installment focuses on a beloved bit character and everyone’s favorite murder-loving assassin, Krombopulos Michael.

Exploring the relationship between Krombopulos Michael and Rick, this issue really hammers home the aspect of Michael’s personality as he grows from a child who loves to kill to an adult who really loves to kill. See Michael as he gets bullied for his love of murder, lose loved ones who can’t hold a candle to his true muse, and watch as he meets Rick who, at Michael’s lowest moment, brings Michael back from the brink to his murder-loving ways.

Writer Daniel Mallory Ortberg really captures the silliness of a character – who shouldn’t be given center stage – being given the full attention of the audience. We learn his moral code: to not have one and be willing to kill anyone at any time, his devotion to Rick as the person who helps him kill people, and his true loves – killing people, making them not live anymore, and taking lives. It’s a one-note concept that only gets funnier as the issue goes on, and for this one glorious comic, the bit lives on in a wonderful way.

Artist CJ Cannon and Nick Filardi bring about a trademark Rick and Morty style to this issue, with everything looking just like we would see on the animated series. Creatures look weird and outlandish, the world is a weird combination of understandable mixed with a psychadelic nightmare, and on every page, something seems wrong in a way that is offputting but very entertaining.

While each of these issues are going to be very different, it’s good to see the aesthetic of the series is still alive and well.  Shining a spotlight on one-off characters and fleshing them out is a really fun way to bring some depth to an biazarre world.

Creators: Daniel Mallory Ortberg (writer), CJ Cannon (artist), Nick Filardi (artist)
Publisher: Oni Press
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