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‘Kaijumax Volume 4 #1:’ Comic Book Review

Comparing a certain Netflix show about a female prison to Kaijumax is probably inevitable and understandable; the similarities do exist, and yet the differences are what make this a wonderful story.

This comic is truly unlike any other: an ongoing story about a prison for monsters that parodies the likes of the classic monster/kaiju films that we all know and love. That, coupled with the drama that rivals that of an aforementioned Netflix show, make this one of the most touching stories one can ever read.  One thing that comes to mind when reading Kaijumax is the emotional pull that is underlying throughout. Typically, it’s hard to form an attachment to fictional characters, but Kaijumax is different in that the characters aren’t other humans. They’re their own creatures.

That’s what makes this story something special. It uses the same pull that C.S. Lewis has done in The Chronicles of Narnia, and it presents us non-human characters that the reader is able to easily empathize with. Granted, we aren’t rooting for the lion that represents a messiah figure, but rather the Lovcraftian creatures and robotic humanoid creatures that make up the maximum-security prison, but the sentiment is still there.

Kaijumax is a different and weird tale that is full of emotion, and one that only heartless monsters won’t appreciate.

Creative Team:  Zander Cannon (Writer/Artist)
Publisher:  Oni Press
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