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‘Jupiter Jet: Volume 1’ – Trade Paperback Review

“To infinity and beyond!” The joyous exclamation is the same experience readers will have when they jump into Jupiter Jet. The trade paperback collects Issues #1 through #5 and is a perfect example of a fun-loving story full of adventure that anyone of any age will enjoy.

Jupiter Jet is a wonderful, down-to-Earth superhero story that provides a Toy Story-like atmosphere, with entertaining characters to follow – good and bad – and panel layouts that bolster illustrations, making them come alive as if watching a feature animation. Jacky Johnson is fitted with her late father’s jetpack and makes a living at stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Known as “The Flying Girl,” the high-flying action from Jacky bursts from the pages with art by Ben Matsuya, giving this series a classic feel that one gets when sitting down to their favorite cartoon. Matsuya also crafts emotional moments creating an atmosphere for a teenage hero discovering her place in the world, while also showcasing a diabolical nemesis, Praetor Pluto, who doesn’t hesitate to harm anyone in his way.

Writers Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman have created a story that’s fun to follow and illuminates the lives of Jacky and her brother Chuck who are trying to survive on their own in their father’s old repair shop. Robinson and Inman showcase the older sister and little brother vibe, while both characters clearly want to look after the other. Despite their youth, these characters strive to help others that either need help or are kind to others, such as somewhat stealthily filling the waitress’ tip jar with cash.

One of the two best parts of the Jupiter Jet collected series is its flow. The storyline moves along at a perfect speed without having any gaps from one panel to the next. There are humorous moments to keep the story fresh, while tense scenes of avoiding capture from Pluto highlight the close bond between our superhero and her brother. The other fantastic part of this story is the realization of a much bigger world being brought to us by Robinson and Inman.

This trade has five issues which also includes the “Origin of the Jetpack” after each chapter, establishing the history of the jetpack and setting the stage for future world building. Readers will finish this trade in one sitting and be pleased to know there is a satisfying conclusion to this arc; however, it has been left perfectly ready for a follow-up. It means there has to be more on the way, right? Please say there’s more on the way!

Creative Team: Ashley Victoria Robinson (writer), Jason Inman (writer), Ben Matsuya (artist), Mara Jayne Carpenter (colorist), Taylor Esposito (letterer), Jorge Corona (“Origin of the Jetpack” artist with Carpenter and Esposito)
Publisher: Action Lab
Available in Digital and Print.

Visit your local comic shop for availability in stores.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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