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‘Myopia #2:’ Comic Book Review

As if listening to the introduction of the hit series, Lost, imagine that voice as the intrigue continues: Previously on Myopia.

After a successfully launched Kickstarter campaign for Myopia which included backer rewards from the likes of Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, and George R. R. Martin, writer and creator Rich Dent introduced a technologically advanced world in Myopia #1, where anything seemed possible. Contact lenses allow people to make phone calls and pay for fares to ride the metro, while giving off a vibrant bluish glow when activated. The world also seems to be headed toward a healthier and more responsible use of resources by tapping into magnetic energy.

Despite the advances, subtle comments in passing seem to indicate hesitation regarding the dependence of that technology and the lack of interpersonal relationships gained from basic decency and manners. Along with some computer espionage, where a mysterious virus is planted in the Central Lens Network, Dent adds depth to a story that is laced with arson and murder, and the captivating unknown continues through the second chapter of Myopia.

As Dent carries the story along, he crafts characters in a fashion that makes you wonder about their intent. A seemingly simple exchange between a newly hired employee of the lens manufacturer, Dr. James Chase, and an artificial intelligence computer program, Jill, opens up questions about previous interactions, despite it being mentioned as their first encounter. Also, why does Chase look exactly like the murdered individual he has been hired to replace?

Patrick Berkenkotter, Ronilson Freire, and Vinicius Andrade are quite skilled at illustrating the futuristic society inside the pages of Myopia. The artwork has wonderful details with clean lines and a blend of colors that make this story run from one page to the next. Aircraft and massive computer displays indicate the sophistication of the era, while a computer virus presents a security threat and produces a physical puzzle – as two large domes appear at different locations on Earth. These domes are indestructible against any outside force to this point, making it seem like a solid bet that these structures, as well as the computer virus, will play a crucial role moving forward.

Myopia is fascinating to follow. Dent leads us along with a Lost-like quality, generating plenty of interest by continuing to develop the story with layers of mysteries. This chapter continues to set the stage for a world that has plenty of story left to give, and the fact that it ends with a suspenseful– [enter sound effect from the end of each Lost episode] MYOPIA.

Myopia: The Rise of the Domes #2 is published by Dynamite and available online or in your local comic shop.

Creative Team: Rich Dent (creator and writer), Patrick Berkenkotter (artist and cover art), Ronilson Freire (artist), Vinicius Andrade (colorist), Taylor Esposito (letterer), Mohan (cover art)
Publisher: Dynamite
Available in Digital and Print.


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