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‘Hellicious #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The dawning of a new era in a publishing company is a wonderful thing, especially when you can watch it from the very onset and see it develop. This is the case as we watch the newest publishing imprint of Starburns Industries, SBI Press, begin to release their newest works to the world.

The imprint, coming from the small animation studio best known for Rick and Morty, has given us a glimpse into the fiery world of Hellicious, the story of the granddaughter of the Devil and her merry adventures of the most rambunctious, little reaper in all of the realm.

This family friendly comedy follows Cherry as she does what all little girls try to do: play, make friends, and enjoy herself. The only problem is this: Humans are squishy, flammable, and easily harmed, and all of her new friends seem to wind up trampled, on fire, or otherwise dismembered.

Desperate to make new friends, Cherry begs, pleads, and does everything she can to convince her demonic mother and grandfather that she’s capable of a new pet/friend, despite all of the evidence that this will result in yet another desecrated soul being tortured in Hell and missing some of its body parts. Her only hope is the rock legend Briggy Bundy who might be the only one capable of tolerating her rough style of fun. But he’s not dead yet, which poses a problem, though its one Cherry has some ideas about.

Written by A.C. Medina and Mina Elwell, this story is an adorable journey though Hell as seen through the eyes of a mischievous child, and despite all of the fire and torture, it’s super adorable. Cherry is a wonderfully silly character that, despite the setting, brings a lot of love, life, and fun into the dour scenery of Hell.

Kit Wallis, along with Jio Butler and Micah Myer, deliver an artistic style that is reminiscent of Skottie Young in the demon realm. It’s bright, a bit exaggerated, and very wonderfully done. The art team manages to craft a precocious, all-ages journey through fire, gore, and all-around nightmares, in a way that is beautiful, silly, and precious.

This is only the first issue of a limited series from this title, but it looks to be well worth the wait. I’m really looking forward to what this book has to offer as it continues.

It’s a departure from most comic book styles and a unique look at how most people view the narrative landscape of Hell. Available later this year and able to be pre-ordered through Diamond Comic Distrubutors this May, with a preview available via SBI Press’s Free Comic Book Day Presentation, it’s well worth a look.

Creative Team: A.C Medina, Mina Elwell (writers), Kit Wallis, Jio Butler (art), Micah Myers (letters)
Publisher: SBI Press
Click here for pre-order info.  (Use Diamond Code MAY181986 to get your local shop to pre-order the book!)

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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