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‘Odie:’ Comic Book Review

I love dogs: big dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs. It doesn’t really matter. So, when Odie popped up on my Kickstarter radar, I had to go and check it out. From Mississippi comes a fluffy butt Corgi with attitude, heart, and the will to survive.

Odie is an elderly Corgi who has gotten lost. We are not sure for how long or why, other than he was distracted and somehow lost his people. Determined to find his way home, his journey is fraught with all kinds of danger that keeps readers wondering… will Odie make it back to his humans?

First of all, the story and pacing are spot on. The dangers he faces are organic and not forced in anyway. (Thank you.) The whole time I was saying to myself, “Odie better make it home.” I was completely involved with the character. And the art? Wonderful and lovingly drawn from start to finish. The action sequences leave you on the edge of your chair (especially if you love dogs).  Let’s not forget the amazing coloring. The sunsets feel like sunsets, and rain is rendered extremely well.

The best compliment that I can give is the fact that I left the comic out in the kitchen and when my husband came home, there was silence. He was reading it from start to finish, and he only does that with a handful of comics. Kudos to the team. Make sure you keep me on your Kickstarter mailing list.

Creative Team: Aaron Sullivan (writer), Elli Puukangas (inker), Karolina Hankonen (colorist)
Publisher: Small Scale Studios
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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