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‘The Damned #9:’ Comic Book Review

You can tell Cullen Bunn is out to have some fun with The Damned. Yeah, there’s some serious goings on with demons and life and death, forgiveness, guilt, and all that, but with issue #9, Bunn digs in his heels and leans into the whole 1930s mafia world. We’re introduced to two new characters: Sophie and Wyrm, a brother-and-sister thieving team who are along for the ride with Eddie and Morgan. Eddie is the anti-hero of this world, and when he’s not tending to his mother brought back from the dead, he’s a cursed human who can’t die and who gets himself caught neck deep in trouble at every corner. His brother Morgan is the muscle, but smart, though – smart enough to know when Eddie is leading him by the nose. Eddie and Morgan can see the demons; Wyrm and Sophie can’t.

Bunn lights the wick to what appears to be an almost The Sting-like story, with a heist, a boxing match, and most likely unexpected twists and turns over the next few issues, with the ultimate goal still to be uncovered. The stakes will always be higher in this world, because demons have taken on the roles of the mafia. That’s why characters like Sophie and Wyrm are important. They don’t realize how in over their heads they are, and that fresh blood in this world makes things interesting. Bunn spends some real time with these characters, fleshing them out, and that’s going to be important in the issues to come. For Bunn, there are no throwaway characters.

Brian Hurtt and Bill Crabtree continue to be a top-notch team. I love the style and feel and everything about this book.

Creative Team: Cullen (story), Brian Hurtt (art), Bill Crabtree (colors), Brian Hurtt (letters), Keith Wood (designer), Desiree Wilson (editor)
Publisher: Oni Press
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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