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‘The Wicked + the Divine #35:’ Advance Comic Book Review

In a book in which things go south quickly all of the time, it’s worth saying that things are headed in that direction with haste after the revelations of the last few issues. With everything happening and things coming to a head, true identities are revealed, intentions are dug up, and the gods we’ve spent so long with are truly reaching the final days of their two-year lifespan. Without giving away too much, Minerva’s recent admissions are bringing out the worst in some of the gods, and Woden’s antics are actually beginning to show some promise for the first time in quite awhile.

This is a difficult book to talk about because of how intricate it is, but it’s safe to say that it’s all being handled masterfully. Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are the creators of something very special, and now, years later, as things come full circle, we’re seeing the care and the immense planning it’s taken to get it from those early issues to what we’re now reading.

As always, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson have created something gorgeous in terms of the art. Scenes of energy, fire, and explosions pop off the page in a way that not many comics are able to do. Wilson’s colors bring a life to this series that does an immense amount to enhance what is already terrific work.

The excitement of where this series is headed is fantastic, especially as we flash back to scenes from the beginning and explore what they mean now, after seeing what all of these characters have gone through.

This begins the countdown towards the last issues, as the rest of this final year runs its course. It will be interesting to see how Gillen and McKelvie bring it home, and what the gods have in store for us as we witness what could be their final moments, thanks to their two-year curse, or each other.

Creative Team:  Kieron Gillen (writer) Jamie McKelvie (artist)
Publisher:  Image Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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