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‘Zero Jumper #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you decide to read this comic (which you should – it’s a lot of fun), do yourself a favor and don’t read the given synopsis first. It says a number of things about the plot that aren’t really revealed until the end of this issue. While I’m not sure I’d exactly call them spoilers, I think it’s much more engaging if you discover these things as you read. As such, I’ll try to avoid talking about them in my review. It won’t be easy, considering that one of those things is the protagonist’s name.

Our protagonist, with the help of a spherical robot companion, crash lands on some distant, unknown world, leaving way more destruction in her wake than she had anticipated, depleting her shields and angering the locals. No worries, though. She has something called Zero Point energy, which allows her to travel back in time, just enough to try her entrance again. With more of this energy, she could go back even further. And it just so happens that this world on which she’s landed has more. Of course, getting it will require facing even more perils.

The first in a four-part story arc, this issue is not only a great adventure unto itself, but also paves the way for a potentially great story to come. There’s action, intrigue, a little bit of humor, and, of course, both time travel and space travel. So, I’m sold on this comic and can’t wait to see how things unfold from here. The artwork is beautiful, as well, painting an intricate sci-fi world with a number of diverse locations and creatures.

All in all, this comic is highly entertaining and well worth a read. If you like sci-fi adventure comics, you should definitely check out Zero Jumper.

Creative Team: Patrick Mulholland (art and story)
Publisher: Alterna Comics
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Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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