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‘Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock Omnibus:’ Softcover Review

Being a child of the ’80s meant so many things, but it ensured you grew up with some of the best children’s shows ever created – among them, Fraggle Rock, a show from the ingenious mind of Jim Henson. Fraggle Rock opened up a whole new world to kids, with morals hiding in the songs from these mostly hyper puppets. It provided a different character for almost every personality, leaving kids able to relate to someone on the show. But, it also gave laughter, hope, and music to children. It was always a beautiful world to visit.

Fraggle Rock comics were first released in the ’80s, with new issues released in 2010 and 2011. Today, for the 35th anniversary of the show, we have the Fraggle Rock Omnibus: a collection of issues in Fraggle Rock Vol. 1 and Fraggle Rock Vol 2: Tails and Tales.

The Fraggles seem to have been built for comic books. Their colorful designs pop off the page, and there is no loss of the joy they brought children when on television. The start of the omnibus includes a short bio for each of the main Fraggles and other characters, giving a nice introduction to the world. One thing that always stood out about the Fraggles was their individual personalities, and that comes through perfectly in the comics. Each panel is designed with trademark Fraggle facial features and expressions to suit every character throughout the story. I could hear them talking as they danced across the pages in their silly adventures. Even Marjory the Trash Heap has plenty of sass to underscore her wisdom.

The writing of the stories doesn’t stray from what ’80s kids will remember watching on television. The Fraggles still get into mischief, the Doozers still build away, Junior Grog still thumps, and Uncle Traveling Matt is still traveling. Each comic in the omnibus gives a heartfelt and hilarious tale, complete with friendship and a moral. At the end of the compilation, there are activity pages for kids, reminiscent of those we would find in books in the ’80s, like How to Draw a Gorg. Then comes lots of vibrant Fraggle art to make anyone smile as they imagine the adventures of their favorite puppets. Finally, the book closes with sketchbook art that any adult comic book lover will enjoy.

Whether you miss the carefree days of being an ’80s kid or you just want to slip away into a simpler world, Fraggle Rock Omnibus is for you. Simply go on down to Fraggle Rock and dance your cares away… worry’s for another day.

Creative Team: Creator – Jim Henson; Writers – Jeffrey Brown, Katie Cook, Sam Humphries and more; Artists – Jeffrey Brown, Katie Cook, Cory Godbey, and more; Cover Artist – Jeff Stokely
Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studio
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Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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