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‘The Bovine League #0:’ Comic Book Review

Comic book creator/writer Andre Owens and his publishing company, Hiro Unlimited, have recently released a new title called The Bovine League #0, a delightful combination of the Justice League, the Avengers, and Chick-fil-A’s cow-centric advertising campaignNoted as the introductory issue of an ongoing series, The Bovine League introduces readers to a team of genetically altered superheroes – who just so happen to be cows – as they protect Earth and the galaxies beyond from threats large and small.  Geared towards younger readers, the 14-page mini-comic gleefully follows the superheroes as they endeavor not only to defend their charges from evil monsters, but to bring together humans and genetically altered beings into a joined community of peace and understanding.

Writer Owens and artist Christian Alaminos successfully set the futuristic landscape of their new series, quickly introducing readers to the Bovine League and their mission to defend Earth and beyond while navigating the discord of the anti-hybrid movement that is present among the Earthlings.  Utilizing the anthropomorphic team to analogize deeper themes of inclusion and segregation for an all-ages demographic, I am already intrigued by the mission of the series and look forward to the story that Owens and Alaminos will tell.  In setting up the roster of the Bovine League, I will note that many of the characters feel reminiscent of the superpowered beings from franchises like the Justice League, the Avengers, and the X-Men; however, by providing the characters with cow-themed names and infusing their dialogue with frequent cow puns, I am hopeful that the team will find their footing in future issues and separate themselves from the mainstream superhero pack.  In addition, Alaminos’ artwork is bright and exciting, providing readers with a fun and eclectic mix of heroes and action with which to follow along. 

The Bovine League is off to a promising start with their #0 issue, and I am hopeful that the series will provide a thoughtful and fun way for younger readers to dive into a superhero tale while taking away a positive and important message.

Creative Team:  Andrew Owens (creator/writer), Christian Alaminos (artist/letterer), Holly Glasen (editor)
Publisher:  Hiro Unlimited
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Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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