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‘The Warren Hope: Volume 1’ – Graphic Novel Review (Beware the Veil)

Over the past two decades or so, ever since the tragic events that took place on September 11th, 2001, the post-apocalyptic genre has exploded in popularity. While the reason for the apocalypse may change with each tale, whether it’s zombies, climate change, or nuclear weapons that lead the world to its fate, these stories smartly always tend to focus on the human experience in this new, harsher world and how we’d treat each other once the walls of civilization have crumbled. The Warren Hope: Vol. 1 (written and illustrated by Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph) continues this trend, but also offers an uncommon twist on the premise.


The Warren Hope: Vol. 1 sees small groups of survivors struggling in the aftermath of the rapture. As one would expect during the Christian apocalypse, demons and monsters are a common threat in this new world. Clara, a former nanny turned survivalist, finds herself on a harrowing journey that will lead her to a settlement run by a mysterious and powerful cabal known simply as The Veil.

The Warren Hope feels like a cross between Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend and The Walking Dead. While it can come off a bit derivative at times, there are enough new concepts explored that fans of other post-apocalyptic fiction may still be interested. Joseph gives his book a diverse and interesting cast of characters, many of which have understandable and relatable motivations. The Veil, a masked tribunal which decides the fates of others, is a creepy idea, as is Joseph’s concept of demonic infiltration in the human ranks. While the content of The Warren Hope and its violence are depicted somewhat graphically, Joseph’s choice to censor the harsh language used by various characters left me feeling a little confused as to why the choice was not made to commit fully to the cussing, despite the bloody actions depicted. Still, it’s a minor nuisance that won’t detract too much for readers.

When it comes to the artwork of The Warren Hope, Joseph is clearly an individual with artistic talent, but the stark and minimalist style also has moments where it feels like a storyboard as opposed to a comic book’s sequential art. The lettering in the book is also rough, seeming a little like an afterthought, but, that said, there are some very creepy and moody visuals in Joseph’s book.  For those who enjoy the indie, do-it-yourself feel of the comics and zines one typically finds in Artist Alley, The Warren Hope may be right up their alley.

FINAL VERDICT: The Warren Hope: Vol. 1 is an original take on a popular genre and sure to connect with specific readers. As intended by Joseph, there’s an undercurrent of hope to the story, and while the book could be improved in certain aspects, it’s also strong enough to communicate and connect with a number of indie comic readers out there.  

The Warren Hope: Vol. 1 is currently available for purchase on ComiXology.

That’s all for now, my fellow comic book sniffers. 

‘Till the end of the world,

Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


Creative Team:  Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph (writer/illustrator)
Publisher:  Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph
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