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‘Jupiter Jet #2:’ Comic Book Review

When we last saw our hero, Jupiter Jet, she was stealing from the rich to care for her neighbors, trying to avoid a bruising from Bruno after missing payment on rent, and saving her brother, Chuck, after his recent test flight resulted in the two of them falling from the roof. Fortunately, Jupiter Jet, also known as Jacky, was wearing a dress that turns into a parachute. And fortunately for Chuck, Jacky doesn’t hesitate to jump off the roof to save her brother.

Writers Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson bring another fun-loving comic book to Action Lab with Jupiter Jet #2. The husband-and-wife team are on their way to satisfying their Kickstarter backers (for which their campaign went above and beyond its original goal). As with the first issue, Inman and Robinson clearly showcase Jacky’s heroism in this chapter. Her nervous chatter, along with a visually striking flashback from artist Ben Matsuya and colorist Mara Jayne Carpenter, provide fans with a completely understandable reason for Jupiter Jet to avoid flying over the water.

In three panels, Matsuya and Carpenter illustrate how a fun day at the beach can turn into a horrifying nightmare with one step. The first panel shows five-year-old Jacky playing on the edge of the water, while the second has her sliding down a hidden steep drop, submerging under the water. Lastly, the terrifying image of Jacky looking up, with an arm extended toward the surface and air bubbles bursting from her open mouth, can only be imagined as a scream. Knowing this, and then seeing the determination in Jupiter Jet’s face, is what makes someone a hero – facing your fears to try and do the right thing.

Along with Jacky’s brave and charitable heart, the second chapter dives deeper into the actions of those she tries to help. A diner scene will surely warm your heart and serve as a reminder that there are good people in this world – and it’s better to see it firsthand to get that wonderful sense of selflessness. The opposite end of the scope sees the villain Praetor Pluto strike fear into almost anyone, except for his robot assistant who serves nicely as comedic relief. Pluto’s appearance also lets everyone know he has the police in his pocket, making us wonder what will happen when Jet finally comes face to face with him. The next chapter can’t come soon enough, especially when the last moments leave us with such a scary cliffhanger!

Jupiter Jet #2 is now available in print and digital form.

Creative Team: Ashley Victoria Robinson (writer), Jason Inman (writer), Ben Matsuya (artist), Mara Jayne Carpenter (colorist), Taylor Esposito (letterer)

Publisher: Action Lab

Jupiter Jet may be purchased at your local comic shop or on ComiXology.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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