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‘Star Wars Adventures #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Well, we made it.  2018.  Another year of comic books are on the shelves, and we even ended the year with another Star Wars movie for our collections.  

In the meantime, IDW’s Star Wars Adventures is still strong with the Force.  Last year ended with a brand new storyline about Luke and Leia, which took place between the original films, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.  Of course, leave it to Leia to save her “she-doesn’t-know-it’s-her-brother-yet” friend from being held captive on a Star Destroyer.  No wonder she quickly became General Organa.  

This new year begins with issue #6 in which “Rose Knows.”  What does she know?  A lot.  How does she know it?  Why, from reading, of course!  While everyone else on her ship might believe in “learning by doing,” sometimes, the simplest of answers can always be found in the manual.  And it’s because of Rose’s unique thinking that leads her to save “THE Poe Dameron!”  

Now, while our main storyline brings us to the current Star Wars timeline, this month’s “Tales from Wild Space” goes back to the prequels with “Podracer’s Rescue.”  Looks like little Anakin was nothing like his later Vader-like self.  As it turns out, he used to steal parts from Watto to help the people of his planet all the time!  If only he (and the rest of us) could remain as innocent as our childlike selves…

Kudos to writers Delilah S. Dawson and Shaun Manning for their work on “Rose Knows” and “Podracer’s Rescue,” respectively.  One thing I personally love about Star Wars Adventures is how easily this team takes us from one trilogy to another.  And with artwork from Derek Charm and Chad Thomas, not only each issue, but each storyline feels like they’re “one in the same,” which is very hard to do unless you know you have a team aligned with the same vision.  

Here’s hoping we hear more about all of our favorite Star Wars characters, both new and old, in 2018!

Until next month,
May the Force be with you

Creative Team:  Delilah S. Dawon (writer; “Rose Knows”), Derek Charm (artist; “Rose Knows”), Shaun Manning (writer; “Podracer’s Rescue”), Chad Thomas (artist; “Podcaster’s Rescue”), Chasrlie Kirchoff (colorist; “Podracer’s Rescue”), Tom B. Long (letterer)
Publisher:  IDW Publishing (Greg Goldstein)
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Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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