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‘Mass Effect: Discovery’ – Advance Trade Paperback Review

I’ve long been a fan of the Mass Effect franchise, and the tie-ins that have been released have been yet to disappoint. With the release of what is being predicted as the last Mass Effect game, Andromeda, Dark Horse published Mass Effect: Discovery, a story set before the events of the game that focuses on the early goings of the Andromeda Initiative, a galactic exploration program set to find new worlds to colonize beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. With many suspicious of the inner workings of the Initiative, the Turian government sends in one of their own, Tiran Kandros, as an undercover agent to find out if their suspicions are correct.

This is a great series that explores the canon of the Mass Effect universe, expanding on an already impressive lore. As we follow Kandros on this mission, we look on as he meets Initiative Agent Luna Shanks, visits the familiar planet of Omega, and attempts to find a missing Quarian scientist who could be the key to the Initiative’s success.

John Dombrow and Jeremy Barlow partner together with series director Mac Walters to guide the reader through a mission full of deception, danger, and double-crosses. The voice of the series is spot-on, as Kandros, who is a character in the game itself, feels totally genuine, blending into an expansive environment that could easily feel phoned-in. Comic book tie-ins to well-known franchises tend to be hit or miss, but Barlow has a few Mass Effect titles under his belt, which lends a familiar and genuine voice to a series that needs an experienced hand to guide it to really hit the mark.

Joined by Dombrow and Barlow are artists Gabriel Guzman and Michael Atiyeh who have done an excellent job in bringing the world of Andromeda to life. There are a bunch of very unique races in this universe, and to get them all right can be a tough job. But Turians, Salarians, and humans alike all look fantastic and true to form, giving the series another level of authenticity.

There’s something comforting to me about revisiting the world of Mass Effect. Its vast expanses, numerous characters, and rich history make it a wonderful place to come back to. While we might not get too much more from this franchise after the announcement that the series is coming to an end after Andromeda, if this is the last hurrah of this franchise in this medium, it’s been a terrific ride.

Creative Team: Jeremy Barlow and John Dumbrow (writers), Gabriel Guzman (artist), Michael Atiyeh (colorist)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Purchase Mass Effect: Discovery here.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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