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‘The Legend of Pinky #1:’ Comic Book Review

If you are looking for a good gangster story, then The Legend of Pinky is your book.  Written and illustrated by Craig Johnson II, the comic follows mobster “Pinky” Horwitz’s life of crime in New York City during the 1920s.

Pinky is an arrogant hoodlum that shrugs everything off with a joke which can get him into trouble.  His sleazy charisma makes you not sure if you want to root for him or against him, but it certainly makes you want to see what he does next.

After a bungled mob hit, Pinky must clean up his mess amid his gritty exploits of union disputes, turf wars, and racketeering.  While these things are merely touched on, Johnson is clearly laying the groundwork for greater exploration in later installments.  I look forward to seeing where Pinky’s adventures will take him.

Speaking of Johnson’s work, his artwork is fantastic.  There is a striking balance between grittiness and simplicity that fits the nostalgic feel we attribute to stories of yesterday.  The frames are vibrant and full of depth, which is no easy task considering the minimal, two-toned color scheme.

Anyone interested in the Roaring Twenties (or anyone just looking for a different kind of comic book) should check it out.

Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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