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‘The Wicked + the Divine Volume 6: Imperial Phase II’ – Advance Trade Paperback Review

It feels so good to get back into this series. After missing a few issues in the current arc, seeing it come to a close is bittersweet. On one hand, seeing it end is sad, because the book is amazing, but on the other hand, the book is amazing. Really amazing. The Wicked + the Divine is one of the most out-there books on the market, but it’s also super popular and for good reason.

The second part of the Imperial Phase label focuses on a lot of things coming together. Sakhmet killed some people, which made everyone look bad. After that, a group of the gods – led by Minerva, Baal, Cassandra, and the Norns (Woden and Dionysus) – are looking to put a stop to her, with the aid of all of the other gods that will pitch in. Those who read the previous issues of the series (and that’s a big hope, since none of this will make sense without some context) will know that despite everything that has happened, our “eyes” into the events of the series Laura (who was reborn as the Destroyer Persephone) is also sleeping with Sakhmet, keeping her hidden away and safe as everyone tries to put a stop to everything.

This arc goes a bit chaotic and with some major action. There are god fights, concerts, huge machines, and some standard betrayal. Without giving too much away, the current group of surviving gods are not going to be in one piece when this ends. Each one of them sees, reveals, or loses something major, and with that in mind, the end of this book is going to be fabulous, however far away that is.

As much as I love this series, I’ve come to a conclusion: Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie need to stop it. These two goofballs have no business making a series this fantastic, but here they go, keeping it going for nearly three dozen issues. While not every single one has grasped me, each major arc has been incredible. This creative team has been working together for a long time, and it shows, as this series is a well-oiled machine of beauty, creativity, and ridiculously brilliant storytelling.

The art in this book is on par with any comic in the industry. The combination of McKelvie and Matt Wilson has created one of the most beautiful series in comics. It’s vibrant, witty, and full of incredible sights. While I’m excited to see what has to be an epic conclusion to this story, I hope that this team finds a way to let us enjoy it for a while longer.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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