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‘Star Wars Adventures #5:’ Comic Book Review

Okay . . . did you see it?  Star Wars: The Last Jedi—did you love it?!

I hate to admit that I liked it but didn’t love it.  This movie felt more like the “end” of a trilogy for me, not the “middle.”  If this was Episode 9, I think I could have gotten behind more of the directorial changes, but I digress.  I’ll save my thoughts for a different review.

In the meantime, we still have IDW’s Star Wars Adventures going strong.  This month’s issue #5 brings us the conclusion of “The Trouble at Tibrin,” in which Luke and Leia find themselves in their own adventure between the original films, A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  Luke has been captured and brought onto a Star Destroyer, while Senator Organa disguises herself as the enemy in order to save her “she-doesn’t-know-it’s-her-brother-yet” friend.  Who knew Leia was so good at blowing things up?

Meanwhile, our monthly “Tales from Wild Space” brings us “The Best Pet,” which is, of course…PORGS!  Porgs are found in The Last Jedi on the island where Luke has disappeared.  They’re like small penguins if penguins were birds.  I believe it’s their curiosity that make them so adorable.  They can be shy, but not enough to hide from those bigger than them.  Apparently, they can be mischievous, and a group of Porgs is referred to as a murder.  Who knew?

Storywriter Landry Quinn Walker finishes his tale with “The Trouble at Tibrin” this month, and I absolutely loved his use of Leia’s character.  I was extremely grateful that Carrie Fisher got to finish her iconic role as a general rather than a princess.  Although she was always referred to as a princess on film, Carrie was anything but, and Walker captures that personality perfectly in this story.  Bravo!

Now, if someone could kindly refer me to the nearest Porg pet shop in the galaxy, I will be forever in your debt.

Until then,
May the Force be with you!

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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