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‘Back to the Future #25:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Fellow, time travelers—it happened again!  I missed a review for last month’s Back to the Future ongoing comic book storyline.  Where’s my time-traveling DeLorean when I need one?

If we think all the way back to Back to the Future #22, IDW Publishing brought us a unique look into Marty McFly’s Uncle “Jailbird” Joey in “Time Served.”  Professor Irving thinks he’s trying to help Marty when he brings him back to the 1970s to try and figure out what happened to his uncle.  But just as he discovers the reason for his arrest, Doc takes Marty back to 1986 and is upset that Marty stole the DeLorean.

Which brings us to this month’s Back to the Future #25 with “Time Served, Part 4.”  Marty seems to have put the pieces together as to where Mrs. Brown’s missing money is located, and Biff and Joey force him and Professor Irving to help them find it.  Of course, Biff and Joey try to fight for the money once they find it, but it turns out Joey’s just a big softy, and Marty’s trip back in time is part of the reason his uncle became a “jailbird” in the first place.  But you’ll have to read this issue to find out who really stole the $85,000…

As per usual, John Barber and Bob Gale have brought us another fabulous mini-series in the universe of time-traveling cars and trains.  I always enjoy learning more about secondary characters that were easily forgotten in the original, yet have breathed new life into this ongoing comic book series.  Artists Marcelo Ferreira and Athila Fabbio and colorist Jose Luis Rio have continued to paint this universe in a better view than when we first saw it in theaters.  This entire team should be proud!

In the meantime, it looks like we’ll be getting more Back to the Future soon with “Tales from the Time Train.”

Until next month,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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