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‘Jupiter Jet #1:’ Comic Book Review

Jupiter Jet #1 is a successful Kickstarter-backed comic book from writers Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson. Inman brings his experience as host of DC All-Access, and Robinson is a winner from the 2013 Top Cow Talent Hunt and Top Cow Head Editor. They both also contributed to the Love is Love anthology, and this is their “first comic book series together as a married couple.”

Perhaps the combination of experiences and their relationship is why we end up with such a fun adventure story. Inman and Robinson craft a tale set in 1935, where siblings Jacky and Chuck have to find a way to pay rent for their repair shop. Instantly, the creators develop a comical scene on the first page that gives Jacky likeability. She’s on the wing of a Zeppelin-like airship, and she repeats over and over, “I’m not afraid of heights,” and she becomes a star right away. She is afraid of heights, and she rides a jetpack – that’s hilarious. Oh, and the reason she’s up so high kind of falls in the realm of that they need to pay rent, with a more modern Robin Hood flair to it. Jacky, also known as Jupiter Jet, steals from the rich and gives to her neighbors.

The 1930s are emphasized by the illustrations drawn by Ben Matsuya, with antique cars, lower skylines, and old-fashioned clothing to help give this comic a classic feel. Artist Mara Jayne Carpenter adds a variety of colors to the pages, giving it a fresh look, while shadows and lighting from the buildings help to generate a sense of what it might’ve looked like during the evening hours of that time. To further this period piece, readers will bask in the glory of such wording as “scamps,” “jitterbugs,” and bad guys talking in third person.

Jupiter Jet is scheduled to be a five-part mini-series, and the first chapter only scratches the surface to the overarching plot. They introduce the arch villain, yet at this point, we only learn that he needs more power for some kind of device. This comic book also has unique technology for its time, which adds a level of intrigue for its all-ages audience to what else might be out there.

What do we know? Jacky will soon come face to face with this super baddy and learn more about her jetpack, and we hope her age of 16 means she has the gusto to prevail.

Jupiter Jet #1 from Action Lab is available in print and digital form.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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