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‘Rick & Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #5’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The final issue of Oni Press’ Rick & Morty tie-in, based on the mobile game, is finally here. While the game itself is basically a Rick & Morty-themed Pokemon rip-off, this series has been anything but, injecting the ridiculousness and humor that the series is known for and wrapping it around a world where Mortys are captured and pitted against one another in battle. So far in the series, the Morty we all know and love has been dubbed the “Evil Morty” and has set himself to the task of freeing all of the other versions of himself from the brutal battles and the control of the Council of Ricks, who keep them contained in cages and bring them out only to fight. It’s been a fun way to see how creative the people working on the series can be, with alternate versions of Morty such as Cat Morty, Jerry Morty, and Sticky Popsicle Hands Morty all having made appearances and been good for a laugh.

This has been a weird series, one fitting of the source material. It does a great job of blending the universe of the game with the atmosphere from the show and creating a concrete and entertaining narrative that is only mildly confusing. (This is through no fault of the creative team on the book; Rick & Morty is a weird and confusing series by design, at some points.) Writer Tini Howard has fully grasped what it takes to be part of this series and seems to have a great understanding of the way this world should work. As we’ve passed through this alternate world of different Mortys, it’s always been clear who was who, why they’re doing things, and what ridiculous concept that they’re using to make them unique.

That credit should also go to artists Mark Ellerby and Katy Farina, as well. They’ve done an excellent job of re-creating the world of Rick & Morty, as well as giving us interesting designs to all of the alternate versions of our hero. Something like this must not be a simple order, but, together, they’ve done a fantastic job of making it all look as we’ve come to expect.

All in all, a five-issue series of this world feels like the perfect length to tell an oddball story set in an alternate Rick & Morty setting. It all wrapped up nicely, and while it felt slightly rushed coming down the stretch, I think it did exactly what it needed to do to cross the finish line well. Together, these five issues should be a really interesting collection when it’s released, as I think this series will be even more fun if read in bulk rather than in single issues. That said, I really enjoyed what Oni Press has to offer with this license and can’t wait for the next foray that they bring to us in their dealings with the popular franchise.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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