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‘Harrow County #27:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Issue #27 of Harrow County was an emotionally harrowing endeavor. Like all the best horror stories, the things we fear the most are beginning to happen, and our hero, Emmy, has been pushed and pulled in so many directions over the course of this series that what she will do next is anyone’s guess. Talk about a cliffhanger!

No panel nor moment was wasted in the storytelling. There’s so much that has happened since the first issue of this remarkable piece of horror fiction that to usher you into where we are now in just a few sentences is going to be difficult. Twins that were born from the roots of a tree – a tree from where a witch was hung to die – are now facing off against each other. Both contain a power strong enough to create and destroy life. Emmy, our hero, has help from friends who have enough to lose themselves. Kammi, who contains nothing short of the devil in her smile, is ready to destroy everything that Emmy holds dear. What is lost and gained in this issue, what is at stake in this series, I won’t say, only that this is going to be a fight I’ll never forget – a fight you should be a part of.

Go and seek out the collections, find the issues on ComiXology, whatever you have to do; this is where you need to be the next couple of months. You need to drink deep of this mythology. If there is a Harrow County Kool-Aid, drink it. You’ll find yourself both terrified and charmed by Tyler Crook’s magnificent artwork. You’ll find yourself bewildered at how Cullen Bunn is able to incrementally build this world, each step carrying more weight than the last, until now the sounds of these footsteps are as loud and frightening as thunder to a five-year-old lying in bed at night.

Do yourself a favor and find this book like it was your last meal, and devour it.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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