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‘Clue #5:’ Comic Book Review

Clue has been a series that should not end. Yes, the premise is such that the narrative will end because of how things are done with Clue. Yet, the storytelling and characterizations of all of the people in the story have been great. There have been no problems whatsoever with anything happening within the story. What is truly notable is exactly how Paul Allor (writer) and Nelson Daniel (artist) were able to take the story from a classic film and turn it into an amazing series that not only stays true to the original film but makes it modern, so it doesn’t seem out of place for today’s audiences.

The book recaps what has previously happened but brings the reader right back into the present. Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Detective Ochre, and Senator White are not still around. The night is still stormy and a dead body is discovered when Mr. Green is seemingly caught red-handed for it. He said it’s not what it looks like and he did not do anything of what people think. Detective Amarillo makes quick work of him and detains him.

Detective Upton reminds the reader how much he is still pulling the strings of the story by stating how everything is going according to plan. Dr. Orchid and Professor Plum notice how Upton has vanished despite being active near the arrest of Mr. Green. Mr. Boddy almost got into a fight with Professor Plum, but he ran away from Boddy when he started moving into an attack position.

Carlos Guzman, the editor of the series, makes another appearance, breaking the fourth wall talking about how he was putting in a flashback. What’s interesting is that he and Upton seem to have a relationship where they are communicating with one another. It’s almost and if Guzman and Upton have some universal connection. Following that, Miss Scarlett gets herself into some trouble here. She makes clear to another woman that she is focusing on doing what she needs to do for career survival.

Upton continues to provide narration to everything. He details how she would eventually hang herself, and it would create interest in her down the road. She sees Mr. Green and doesn’t end up hanging herself but falls off the stairs when the railing breaks. The story moves back quickly to Detective Amarillo taking Mr. Green in before Orchid and Plum start to freak out about how they are guilty when they see a map made of blood pointing to the name: MUSTARD. 

A. Boddy eventually attacks Plum and puts him to sleep with a “family recipe.” It’s revealed Orchid is Boddy’s daughter, and Upton reminds us this is the end of the series. It’s a shame to see the series go, because Allor and Daniel have been great at crafting an intriguing mystery that keeps people guessing. Hopefully, Guzman, Allor, and Daniel find some way to do a Clue series that is ongoing. This series will indeed be missed.

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