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‘The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1’ – Comic Book Review

The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1 proves to be one of the best comic book stories that anyone will read this year. Not only is it filled with intrigue and suspense, there’s a great deal of the whole JFK conspiracy tying into the backstories of the two famed protagonists of the series: Mulder and Scully. If you like both of the characters, there’s a great deal of pathos given to the characters, as well as utilizing the story of what happened to America’s 35th US president.

What exactly happened is somewhat recounted in the beginning of the story. Writer Denton Tipton takes this opportunity to give the reader a scary opening with some art by Menton3 that is quite reminiscent of a crime scene, as well as being quite unique overall. Yet, the narrative quickly moves back to Scully and Mulder with their usual back and forth at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. during the present time. Very appropriately, the characters are discussing conspiracies and how Mulder put out his contact information on 4Cgoghan, which was likely not the best idea.

Eventually, Mulder receives a phone call from someone mysterious. The person turns out to be an old associate of his father’s. Apparently, that associate and Mulder’s father had a huge role to play in the JFK assassination. The specific revelation is one that shakes Mulder quite obviously, and Menton3’s art shows just how shocking it is. Mulder likely probably is shocked by all of these events.

Mulder receives a background of what the times were that his father and this mysterious man on the phone were doing. It shows the way things were back then in how his dad and this person on the phone worked. Mulder eventually goes to meet the man in the hospital. The reader finds out he’s revealing all of this because he is on his deathbed. He wants Mulder to know the truth about what happened.

And Mulder does find out the truth that the death of JFK had to do with extraterrestrials. There was a bigger story than what the government had originally revealed. This leads us to wonder just what role the aliens had in the president’s death. Tipton does an excellent job in leaving us wanting more from the story. It is a perfect way to keep the reader wondering what exactly will come next.

It’s important to not forget Menton3’s artwork in this all. The artist does an amazing job in bringing a crime aesthetic to the story but also shows just how exactly the characters play off one another. It is notable that these two were put together to work on this project.

The final splash page of an alien and a gun across them is something which makes us wonder whether there could have been an invasion plan by these aliens in the story. The ending also includes some cool faux FBI documents that give the reader an idea of what everything really said within them. When next month comes, we will be lucky to see the next installment of this story.

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