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‘The Lost Fleet: Corsair #4’ – Comic Book Review

In this fourth issue of The Lost Fleet: Corsair from Titan Comics, former POW Captain Michael Geary of the Alliance Fleet has agreed to work alongside former Syndic Executive Destina Aragon. After successfully commandeering a cruiser from a Syndic CEO, the Alliance and former Syndic crew have more trust issues and a new target to deal with.

Destina Aragon, now Colonel Aragon, convinces Geary to attack a Syndic orbital prison camp to free more of her people. He’s not wild about the idea, but agrees when there is the possibility of freeing any Alliance POWs who may be on board. But to convince his troops this is the right thing to do requires a unique incentive—beer. When they arrive in the Ravana star system, Aragon discovers their defenses are light and worries about what the other Syndic ships might be doing. She is correct in her concern, as the planet Kane is feeling the wrath of a Syndic flotilla after their rebellion against their former masters. Whether they survive will be a test of will and subterfuge.

Heavier in the exposition department than the other issues, Issue #4 sets up not only the fight to defend the insurgence on Kane, but goes much deeper into these new characters. It’s a nice sub-plot that I hope will pay off somewhere later in the story. There is not as much action as in the previous issues; however, Mr. Campbell interjects visuals of Captain Black Jack Geary’s battles to give us a sense of being in the thick of it. It works well and sets a good pace. This issue also spends a little more time on the cultural differences between the Syndics and the Alliance which adds depth to the overall storyline. The extras are fun, informative, and give us insight into the Syndic and Alliance universe.

I look forward to reading Issue #5.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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