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‘Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It! #4’ – Comic Book Review

This world is expanding pretty rapidly, a fact that might not be so much of a good thing. With the beloved Pocket Mortys still being captured, trained, and tortured, a few additional forces have entered the fray, with Beth and her Pocket Jerrys. If that sentence made any sense to those reading it, congratulations, because for those not familiar with the franchise, this can be a bit confusing. Honestly, it can be confusing for those of us who know the show and have played the game. That being said, this penultimate issue looks like its setting up for a huge conclusion. With (Evil) Morty still attempting to escape the grasp of Rick, a plan begins to come together to combine their skills (Morty’s relentless spirit and Rick’s lack of concern and acts of brilliance) to take on the Council of Ricks: a combined, powerful conglomerate of Ricks who control the entire Morty fighting sport, as well as the other Ricks. Without spoiling too much, this is going to be a major battle, full of more Morty battles, Rick being a jerk, and ridiculous concepts that are bizarre even for this franchise.

Tini Howard has received a lot of praise from me over the last few issues for her ability to capture the voice of the series, and all of it is well deserved. She’s been doing a tremendous job of building this series to an epic conclusion while still giving everyone some of the Rick and Morty everyone knows and loves. Bringing this all together was likely a tough task, but Howard and the art team have done a great job with this limited series.

Speaking of the art team, Howard is complemented very well by artist Marc Ellerby and colorist Katy Farina. If the effort is to make a licensed property look like the original subject, this book hits a high score. This issue even features some of the gameplay style of the “Pocket Mortys” mobile game, all of which is captured perfectly.

I’m really looking forward to the conclusion of this series and what this art team can do with the bookend of this story. It’s been a fun ride so far, and I’m glad I stuck around until the end.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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