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‘Back to the Future #23:’ Comic Book Review

Guys, what happened?  I feel like my past is all mixed up—because it is!

Apparently I missed reviewing an issue of IDW Publishing’s Back to the Future comic book series.  If only I had a DeLorean to go back in time and change that…

In the meantime, going to my local comic book store to read last month’s issue will have to suffice.  I’ll be right back…

(Pause for dramatic affect.)

Okay, I’m back.  Did you miss me?  Good. 

So, here we are with Back to the Future #23, in which we have “Time Served, Part 2.” As we already know, Professor Irving stole the DeLorean to bring Marty back into the past to figure out why his Uncle “Jailbird” Joey went to jail in the first place.  But after multiple mixups, and, of course, Biff getting involved, along with Doc Brown’s own mother being thrown into the picture, Uncle Joey may not be the only one being arrested this time.

This month, Professor Irving is in search of the DeLorean, which has gone missing back in 1972.  In the meantime, Marty McFly gets to know his uncle better, and he soon realizes that “Jailbird Joey” just wanted to find his place in the world by impressing Biff Tannen.  So, naturally, Marty helps him rob a joint, but it turns out Joey wanted to go to jail all along.

I’m definitely still in love with this Back to the Future comic book series, and story writers John Barber and Bob Gale are doing a fantastic job keeping all of our favorite characters in sync without destroying the ultimate complex timeline.  But I will admit that the plots are starting to become somewhat drawn out.  That being said, the artwork, inks, and colors from Marcelo Ferreira, Maria Keane, JL Straw, and Jose Luis Rio are keeping this entire series on point!  Brava!

In the meantime, has anyone found that missing DeLorean yet?  I’ve got a political election to go back and fix…

Until next month,


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