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‘The Evil Within #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The Evil Within fans are having a great year. First, it was announced that we’ll finally see a second title in the ever-popular video game series. Then, they received an intermediary gift in the form of a two-issue comic book series to bridge the gap between games #1 and #2. As a follow-up to the first issue, The Evil Within: The Interlude #2 (Titan Comics) satisfies the fan in every possible way and prepares them for their return to STEM.

Possible Video Game and The Evil Within: The Interlude #2 Spoilers

The comics are set just after the events of The Evil Within and are best read by those who have played the game. There are lots of little Easter eggs in the comics (seemingly more so in this second issue) to keep readers busy and scouring each panel.

Hero Detective Sebastian Castellanos is continuing his search for the Nursery Rhyme Killer and for his presumed-dead daughter Lily. The reader walks into a gruesome first page that we left off with in the last issue, but it’s completely reminiscent and expected of The Evil Within. While hunting the killer, strange occurrences leave Sebastian flailing and floating between sanity and the events he survived at Beacon. The issue also catches us up with Juli Kidman and gives us a hell of a twist toward the end. Without revealing too much, we do get to see a fan-favorite character from the game who was not in the first issue. That sight alone had my heart pumping and my gaming fingers itching to jump back into STEM for another go.

What can I say about writer Ryan O’Sullivan that I didn’t say in the review of the first comic? He so accurately captures the madness of the game, but even more so in the second issue. While the first issue was incredible, this one took me straight back to why I love the game so much. The unpredictability in the game is reflected in this issue, and O’Sullivan had me dizzy at points with the storyline and settings – exactly what the game did to players.

The art team of Szymon Kudranksi and Damien Worm, with additional colors by Guy Major, remains the same from the first issue, which gives the reader the continuity between comics that is much needed with such a complex story. Again, the art pulls the reader into the insane and surreal world of Sebastian while creating such believable settings to instill some fear in the reader.

The Evil Within: The Interlude two-issue comic series has delivered a delightful, horrifying journey that plays alongside the game with such perfection and beauty that it is a must-read for all fans.

Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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