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‘Dept.H #18:’ Advance Comic Book Review

A big part of how and why Dept.H works is due to the fact that Matt Kindt knows where to place the focus for tension and suspense and when. He juggles a lot of balls all at once, which means that while story elements are being slowly revealed, our main characters are always on the edge of death due to various circumstances, decisions, or strokes of bad luck. When you’re 6 miles beneath the surface of the ocean on a lab that’s quickly crumbling with giant-sized, deadly exotic animals in the nearby waters, possible terrorists on board, and a killer or killers trying to stay alive right alongside you, you don’t get a moment to breath. Issue #18 puts our hero, Mia, and the remaining survivors in probably the most difficult position they’ve been in, and it’s nail biting.

Mia, the daughter of the possibly murdered head of Dept.H, hasn’t had a moment to sleep in who knows how long, at least not since descending to the laboratory. Her memories, theories, and dreams have all melded together at times, making her a potentially untrustworthy narrator – to the point in which she is having a difficult time trusting even herself.

Even Mia is realizing, as the story has progressed, that it has become about something bigger than simply solving a murder, which might end up being the reason for the murder in the first place. In most of my reviews, I’ve focused on the mystery of who the murderer is and how that’s affecting Mia, but in the background, the fact that a deadly virus has ravaged the world above has been there since the first issue and has really begun to take the driver’s seat these past few issues, becoming the central dramatic thrust.

How this virus and the antidote that were secretly developed aboard Dept.H connect with the murder, I don’t know yet, but you can bet it has a lot to do with it, and now I want to go back to the first issue and read through, looking for where the strands begin and how they may connect. Hopefully, Mia will be doing the same!


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