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‘Geek-Girl Volume 1:’ Trade Paperback Review

If you’re the type of reader who prefers to wait for the trade paperback over reading issue to issue and you were longing for all four installments of Geek-Girl to become available in a single edition, your time has arrived!  As of August 25, 2017, all four chapters can be purchased in a glossy, complete volume, so the entire first arc of Ruby Kaye’s transformation into capable super hero can be yours!

I reviewed each chapter of Geek-Girl as it was initially released, so rather than rehashing my thoughts, I’m going to direct interested readers to the original reviews:

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My re-read of the material flowed much more smoothly when I had the complete story arc in front of me, so even if you’ve read this comic in episodic form, picking up the graphic novel isn’t a bad move.  Overall, it’s a fun tale of female empowerment, friendship, and growing up that will touch a chord with anyone who has struggled with finding his or her identity and finding the adult they want to become.

This volume does end on a nasty cliffhanger, so be prepared.  If you enjoy the story as much as I did, you’ll be counting down for a new volume of Ruby/Geek-Girl’s adventures as she matures into her own more fully.

4 Cell Phone Pep Talks While in Flight out of 5

Geek-Girl: Volume 1: Lightning Strikes! is out now and available at and


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