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‘Rick & Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

This is a very strange story, as Morty (also known as Evil Morty) finds himself ready and willing to do the unthinkable: take on the council of Ricks in an attempt to stop the collection and forced combat of Mortys. In doing so, Morty has put a huge target on his back, drawing the ire of the Ricks, as well as many others. This is all to say that this world is pretty messed up, and the alternate reality where Pokemon-style hijinks ensue causes some ridiculous and hilarious things to happen to poor Morty.

This issue takes a bit of a diversion, as Morty begins his plan to take on the council of Ricks alone. Without spoiling too much, the Mortys aren’t the only ones being collected and forced to fight in this reality, something Morty quickly finds out. With only a few issues left to go in this series, the cards all seem to be on the table and the end is in sight, and despite these odd developments and wrinkles, I see things happening in a very extreme way very soon.

Writer Tini Howard is really nailing it, as she tries to capture the voice of two creators who have developed an atmosphere that is nearly impossible to replicate. Show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are, to put it lightly, very eccentric creators and brilliant in their own ways. Their imaginations have created a show that can only be described as delightfully insane, and Howard has found a way to adapt that insanity into a well-done and very entertaining comic series.

Artists Marc Ellerby and Katy Farina have also done an excellent job of getting the atmosphere of the show, developing a keen sense of how it looks and feels to be in this world. With a ton of different character types to see, they’ve done a great job of keeping things creative, unique, and fairly odd.

This series will end after issue #5, but there’s still a lot more to tell in this story. Let’s hope this story goes off without a hitch, and then we can officially declare this series to be the best adaptation of a comic book based on a game that was influenced by a different game and based on a popular television series to ever exist.


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