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‘Ghostbusters 101 #6:’ Comic Book Review

Ghostbusters 101 #6 concludes a major plot point from the beginning of the series. It seems to end the dimensional rift that is causing the two universes of the old Ghostbusters and more recent Ghostbusters team to come together. Seeing them interact within this comic gives the reader the chance to fully understand the scope of everything. Dr. Ray Stantz is leading the troops out in the streets in order to fight the ghost trapped between the two universes, linking them together.


Dr. Peter Venkman ends up stopping by in his car, and Patty Tolan is working with Stantz to figure things out. This displays the quick friendships that have developed between the characters of the two universes. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz stops by to speak with Dr. Jillian Holtzmann and Dr. Abby Yates. In a funny exchange between Ortiz and Holtzmann, Ortiz reveals that the partner she works with from her world is indeed an alternate universe version of Holtzmann. This is fascinating because the Holtzmann we know becomes truly fascinated and desires to meet this version of herself. Holtzmann does not seem to be very professional too much, and it’s Yates who redirects the focus on the important things.

Holtzmann seems to enjoy going off on random tangents that are not important to the work they are all doing. Yates is the complete opposite and is very much the leader of the group in her professionalism and how she approaches Ortiz. Kylie Griffin seems to demonstrate a bit more focus on the goals at hand while Holtzmann continues to sit on Ortiz’s phone with whoever. Holtzmann obviously has trouble focusing on getting work done, but Yates and her racing off in their van should wake up Holtzmann a little bit finally. She might be able to focus finally on getting things done.

It finally seems they are able to accomplish what they want to by putting an end to the ghost that was linking both their worlds. Venkman and Holtzmann agree to keeping dimensional portal technology, which can help the two groups of Ghostbuster stay in touch— and also keep the series itself going. If Erik Burnham, the writer, did not do this with Dan Schoening, the artist, they might be out of a job. With the early premise of the series being the characters having their two universes linked to one another, the writer/artist duo need to now find a new idea and direction for where the series will go.

Burnham has Yates ask the right question of exactly what direction will they go know as she stood alongside Dr. Erin Gilbert, looking out into the future of where they will go now. The characters were always meant to stay in their own universes, but it should be fascinating to see just what Burnham and Schoening have up their sleeves.

This issue was a relatively straightforward conclusion to the end of the arc. The series seems to promise more as it charges into the future with an unknown direction. With Burnham and Schoening having built up these relationships between the two casts, it seems there’s a chance for this series to continue in grand fashion.

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