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‘TMNT Universe #13:’ Comic Book Review

Now I get it. TMNT has one of the most popular ongoing comic book storylines on the shelves, and it’s no wonder that one could become confused by all of their separate mini-series and more.

But now I get it.

While our heroes-in-a-half-shell are off trying to stop General Krang once and for all in Dimension X, TMNT Universe has become a fantastic outlet to follow along with our secondary characters, like the Mutanimals. (And pizza forbid we get a glimpse of Master Splinter these days…)

Last month, for example, in TMNT Universe #12, we were reintroduced to Oroku Karai who prides herself in helping to shape The Foot Clan to the ninjas they once were, yet she abandoned them after the death of their previous leader (and Oroku’s grandfather), Master Shredder.

This month, we continue Oroku’s story in TMNT Universe #13 with a sword – a magical sword that some are willing to pay big bucks to have. She enlists the help of Mutanimals Koya and Bludgeon to find this sword first, and perhaps some unexpected advice will prove the most useful.

Meanwhile, Koya and Bludgeon have their own quarrels in “Prey, Part 2.” While Bludgeon appears to have accepted his shape and shark-like features, Koya still struggles with hers. And, well, let’s just say that you might not want to make her mad…

Per usual, Erik Burnham and Sophie Campbell have an excellent series on their hands. Between their story writing and dark art, colorist Brittany Peer also joins the duo to give this comic everything it needs. The true heroes this month, however, are cover artists Freddie E. Williams II and Becky Cloonan. Each of their stunning covers will definitely be additions to my comic book collection as soon as this issue releases. 

Until next month,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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