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‘Conan the Slayer #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Issue #11 of Conan the Slayer had me cackling with glee from beginning to end. I love a well-told story. Who doesn’t? I was once asked if that was the only thing I cared about. For anyone who sees my Facebook feed, you’ll know I care about a lot of other things, but a well-told story is right at the top. It’s what keeps humanity moving forward. Myths, characters that inspire you, even science is driven by storytelling. (Star Trek, anyone?) Cullen Bunn’s run on Conan the Slayer is an extremely well-told bit of fantasy adventure. I love it. What I love even more? I love it when Conan buckles down and spends an issue kicking ass and enjoying it. And that’s what this issue is: Conan kicking ass and enjoying it.

This is the moment every epic poem has, where the hero turns and faces the enemy. In this case, Conan has two of them to face off against in one issue: the villain trying to use his wit and cleverness to undo Conan, and the demon who is an unbeatable killing machine. And he does it while throwing insults and talking trash. It’s amazing. You cheer him on.

Sergio Dávila’s artwork is insanely good and appropriate. He captures the unfettered lust for victory that Conan has when obliterating his opponents. He brings you into every sword clash and gruesome moment. A few issues ago, Conan perched over the ghost city that he’s been stuck in like an eagle. Now, that hunter-like foreshadowing has paid off.

The colors are vibrant as hell thanks to Michael Atiyeh, and the lettering really plays a part in this issue, setting the tone and rhythm of the action. You have Richard Starkings and Comicraft to thank for that. The great classic feel to the cover by Thomas Grindberg is tough to ignore. This is all the Conan you’ll ever need, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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