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‘Bankshot #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The world of Bankshot has returned, and things are really beginning to get interesting as we begin to uncover the past – and the future – of vigilante and potential terror threat Marcus King. As we’ve seen before, King had a bit of a rough time while he was in service, as a mission gone awry left him paralyzed and in a bad way, both physically and emotionally. In this issue, we begin to see the impact that event had on his life, and his mission to get revenge on the man that put him in that state, a man known only as “The Dutchman.”

This book made its mark in the previous issue as being a revenge tale full of political intrigue and hyperactive violence. This issue lets that take a bit of a backseat, as we get more into the personal history of Marcus King, his associates, and those out to stop him. The focus on King here makes him a bit more well rounded  and gives us a chance to get to know a protagonist who spent most of the last issue in a firefight. It’s a good call, as King was more one-dimensional in the debut, and the slow burn of figuring out the puzzle that is Marcus King has really added to the allure of the title thus far. While I wish it had lived up to the explosive potential of the first issue a bit more, or that the violence had been a bit more even, I think the sophomore issue handles the bit of backstory very well.

Alex de Campi is pretty great, isn’t she? Her pacing for an action series is dead on, as the book reads – even in its slower bits – like a frenetic thrill ride. It’s high octane and very fun, and even as we spend most of this issue in flashbacks and learning about out main character, there’s still something to the pacing that really gets things going. It’s an interesting way to tell a story and something I think de Campi does very strongly.

The art team of ChrisCross and Snakebite Cortez lend their skills magnificently to this story, as the action and pacing through the visual part of the medium is done in a great way. Even though we don’t know any of these characters very well, both artists are doing a great job of making them feel unique and whole, with each of them standing out in their own way. I want to really spotlight Cortez in this series thus far, as an action-driven series tends to have kind of a dreary landscape to heighten the violence, but here they use bright tones and vibrant color to really create an uncommon, but very appealing, sense of color to the series.

I absolutely have no idea where this series is going just yet, and I’m happier for it. While it’s clear that the team is sending us on a vengeance-fueled ride, they haven’t quite given us a true feel for King’s skills, or the scope of his quest. This, so far, has been a great way to keep readers interested, and I can’t wait to see more.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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