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‘Curse Words: Volume One’ – Trade Paperback Review

To start things off, I have to say that God Hates Astronauts was one of my favorite things to ever exist in comic book form – especially in a collection, as the ridiculousness of the book was a better read in that iteration than it was in an issue-by-issue format. So, when Curse Words was announced, it felt like a wonderful continuation of a beloved book. Teaming with famed writer Charles Soule, God Hates Astronauts creator Ryan Browne has brought his trademark wit and silliness to a series that wouldn’t work without it.

The story follows a real-life wizard who’s aptly named Wizord, as he is sent to the world of men from another dimension to destroy the world. As he builds his power and prepares to take the world down, he basically decides not to, as the real world seems pretty cool. In an effort to rebrand, Wizord decides to help these mortals to the dismay of his former master, who decides to just send his other minions to kill Wizord.

This is a pretty big plot point, but also doesn’t really feel like the point, as the trials of the man known only as Wizord are far more interesting when he’s fixing his own mistakes or just hanging out with his awesome magical koala, Margaret. Mostly the story focuses around Wizord trying to make good out of his life, while people who hate him try to kill him and destroy the world he now calls home.

The biggest draws of this book are the excellent storytelling through Soule’s dialogue and the ridiculous and hilarious art of Ryan Browne. Not only are they doing silly, silly things, but they’re doing them well and with what looks like a huge infusion of fun. I think this book is a really good time and has a ton of potential in a long run with Wizord making his way through his former allies and trying to become a better wizard/person.

To be blunt, this book is a lot of fun. There’s magic, talking koalas, more magic, hilarious Ryan Browne sound effects, and more magic. It’s worth checking out.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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