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Back to the Future #21:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Hey, future fans!  Guess what?  It’s time…

“Hard Time!”  Get it?! 

I’m merely talking about IDW’s latest Back to the Future storyline, “Hard Time,” in which Marty’s Uncle “Jailbird” Joey is finally out of jail.   But that may be the least of his problems. 

If you recall from last month in Back to the Future #20, Marty was forced to rely on Professor Irving to help figure out why his once favorite uncle was sentenced to jail in the first place.  But unlike Doc, the Professor’s way of solving things always seems to involve time-travel, which—based on Marty’s past, present, and future experiences—never turns out the way he’d like it to…

Which brings us to this month’s issue, Back to the Future #21, “Hard Time: Part 3.”  Just as he suspected, things are going pretty badly for Marty and the Professor.  After an altercation with Doc, Professor Irving may have subconsciously convinced Doctor Brown to never invent time-travel in the first place.  Thus, the most important character in the Back to the Future series has gone missing—the Delorean!

The phrase “Where do they come up with this stuff?” pops up in my thoughts all the time while reading this series.  Writers John Barber and Bob Gale do an excellent job at keeping the story interesting, yet also within the strict confines of the characters and original trilogy which we have all come to know and love.  Now add some beautiful artwork by Marcelo Ferreira and inks by Maria Keane, and you have more than just a stunning series; you have a comic book from another time…

(See what I did there?)

Until next month,


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