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‘TMNT Universe #12:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m being honest when I say that IDW’s TMNT Universe has me confused—but in a good way!

A few months ago, we followed a unique adventure led by Angel and Alopex.  Just before that, our Mutanimals were facing the Earth Protection Force head on.  And just last month, we got a deeper look into the lives of Mutanimals Sally and Ray and were even introduced to a new Mutant, Dreadmon the Jackal.

This month, however, in TMNT Universe #12, we are reintroduced to Oroku Karai, who claims to have resurrected The Foot Clan, yet also deserted it after the death of Shredder.  But as we can see from this issue, Karai is no ninja you want to mess with!  Meanwhile, Mutanimal Koya—frustrated by her training—discovers a powerful stone that appears to be a little too familiar in “Prey, Part 1.”

Don’t get me wrong, but I like meeting all these new characters which we should anticipate given the name TMNT Universe.  Writers Erik Burnham and Sophie Campbell offer compelling short stories with more life lessons than a Mitch Albom book.  Campbell even takes on more than just a thinker’s cap with her beautiful artwork, along with colors by Brittany Peer.  I guess one could say that they’re the perfect…”peer”…  (Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.)

Until next issue,

Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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