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‘Giant Days: Not on the Test Edition, Volume 1’ – Hardcover Review

What would you do if someone called you a drama queen? Would you get defensive or laugh it off, because you knew it couldn’t possibly be true? We’re laughing, right? Well, let’s just say we’re ever so lucky that John Allison, creator and writer of Giant Days, knew what path to take.

“I am not a drama queen! I’m a sensible, practical individual!”
“No. You’re a menace.”

Allison’s ability to create a wonderful trio of characters – Daisy, Esther, and Susan – is highlighted by their funny tirades or crushing despair, which seems to strengthen the bond between them each and every time. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the clever dialogue, quirky interpersonal relationships, and all-around fun storytelling, then your chance has arrived with Giant Days: Not on the Test Edition, Volume 1.

This hardcover collects the first eight issues in the still-continued Giant Days run – Issue 28 is currently available, with 29 and 30 scheduled to be released consecutively in August and September. This edition also has additional stories, which include the events from move-in day at the university that may or may not involve fire, boxing gloves, or levitating in the air, because our three favorite students do not go quietly into the night.

With all of the witty antics and subsequent outbursts, the artwork from Lissa Treiman (Issues 1-6) and Max Sarin (Issues 7-8) seems to blend effortlessly with the stories being told. They create outrageous facial expressions, mixed with mood art like rain clouds literally floating above a depressed Susan or fumes wreaking from Esther’s death-rattling cold. To complete this hardcover, Whitney Cogar adds amazing colors throughout. Backgrounds are constantly changing, furniture and clothes are equally as vibrant, and all of it mixed together keeps each page fresh and never tiresome to read.

This is a chance to start this series from the beginning, and Giant Days will fill you with epic rants, emotional breakdowns, and every reason to keep you interested and laughing from one page to the next. You will discover how the trio interacts with one another, and the rest of the world, and see the other cast of characters that eventually play an important part in their lives, or at least frustrate them in some way. If Giant Days were in the dictionary, it might just say, “Easiest way to breeze from page one to the end,” with a picture of Daisy, Esther, and Susan right next to it.

Giant Days: Not on the Test Edition, Volume 1 is now available to purchase in print.


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