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‘Furry Copilots #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Space explorer Tommie has a problem.  Sure, she can fend off any mutant food invasion with a trusty kale bomb, and she’s super handy with a blaster, but when yet another potential co-pilot chooses the lure of fame over a life of adventure, the young space captain isn’t sure what to do.  When a giant mutant coconut chews through her ship’s fuel lines, forcing a crash landing on an uncharted planet of sentient dogs, her only hope is a pup named Smash in a wacky (and less pessimistic) Planet of the Apes-style caper.

Furry Copilots #1 (from the creators of Man vs. Rock) is an all-ages book that packs in the humor from page one.  Youngsters will giggle at the gigantic coconut monster while adults can get a chuckle from the idea that kale bombs can defeat almost anything.  The topsy-turvy dog-dominated world Tommie crash lands on adds even more laughs to the mix. As a long-time dog owner, the concept of adopting humans from the pound that had been picked up as strays, calling all humanoids “Jims,” and that Jims can’t really communicate earned a hearty guffaw, and the number of twists on things dog owners have heard or seen kept me smiling.  Throw in some SF tropes and a spunky young heroine, and I swear the creators were using me as the target demographic.  My only small quibble is a throw-away joke related to menstruation in women/being in heat for dogs which touched as a somewhat misogynistic stereotype that I just couldn’t find funny.

The artwork for Furry Copilots is appropriately cartoony, and I adored Smash’s super power of enlarging his eyes to ridiculous degrees when he really, really wanted something.  Each of the dogs was distinct, and Tommie and the other humans (and the humanoids from the beginning of the story) were distinguishable, if not super realistic.  Honestly, if the artist had gone for realism, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this nearly as much.  No one wants to see Rin Tin Tin claiming to be a trained space pilot (at least I don’t).

If you enjoy dogs, adventures, silly jokes, or know someone who does, pick up this book! Will Smash really become Tommie’s co-pilot?  Are those things from Uncle Bucky’s basement lab really going to fix the ship?  And what is the squirrels’ nefarious plan anyway?  The answers can only be revealed in the next hilarious issue of Furry Copilots!

4.5 Gifts from Your Pet out of 5

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