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‘Samaritan: Veritas #2’ – Comic Book Review

Here – we – go. As if the first issue in the Samaritan series didn’t grab our attention enough, Issue #2 takes readers for an exhilarating ride as Sam tries to track down any connections to the President of the United States that will send him to prison. With such a large target and a wealth of resources at his disposal, it isn’t going to be easy to stay hidden or alive.

Matt Hawkins, head of Top Cow Productions, continues the story with intense moments which help to define our main character’s ingenuity as she contends with a major setback in her current plan. The plan is to kidnap a wealthy, wife-cheating CEO who apparently has some kind of dirt on the President. It seems so easy – kidnap, extort, and then take down the primary target – and then a sniper tries to take your head off.

Samaritan #2 leads you to understanding Sam and the crew she works with. This chapter helps to elaborate on how skilled they are, while also showcasing some capabilities of the assassin. How did she find Sam, and on more than one occasion? There are layers of loyalty at play, as well, providing a level of uncertainty that keeps your interest, making you want to find out answers to questions in the upcoming comic books. Who can Sam truly trust?

Atilio Rojo crafts the art throughout, including the cover page that emphasizes a hoard of weapons and the glowing lights from computers screens and a cell phone. This radiant effect seems to intensify the colors within, particularly red and green lights from a helicopter landing pad and a sniper rifle. Varying sized and overlapping panels help guide your eyes from one scene to the next, making it easier to follow along and breeze through another book in the series.

A major component to the story, so far, is following Sam’s thoughts throughout. The text boxes are different colors, and the lettering by Troy Peteri is a different size and style from the dialogue. It helps us to understand what’s led to this point, what’s going to happen, and her views on society, which establish what type of person she is and how determined she’ll be moving forward. In addition, background information is given after the chapter concludes to help explain terminology and parts of the story, highlighting some of the research involved.

Now, after that cliffhanger at the end, Samaritan #3 will be a must-read.

Samaritan: Veritas #2, a product of Top Cow and Image Comics, is now available in print and digital form.


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