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‘Transformers: Till All Are One #11:’ Comic Book Review

Transformers: Till All Are One proves to be a game-changing issue for the most part. Starscream and Windblade are at the center of the issue. While the issue starts with a recap of past events, it quickly moves into the main aftermath of everything that happened in the past and how it has impacted the Transformers in the present. For any fans of the Transformers films or TV series, this is a much different setup than the traditional universes for the character. It’s refreshing to see these characters with challenges and given different arcs as to which they face difficulties on their path.

The focus of the issue is on the memory difficulties. Starscream and Onslaught don’t remember everything that happened, and Windblade is no longer strong because she suffered an attempt by another to take over her body. Most of the characters seem to all have conflicting ideas about what exactly is going on and how to proceed without their complete memories intact. It creates great drama and unrest among the characters, which leaves the reader wondering what exactly is best. Some of the characters such as Bumblebee are more direct in their taxing criticism of Starscream. The responsibility of ruling Cybertron and dealing with these events seems to weigh on Starscream. He makes this clear when he has to deal with taking Onslaught to visit Swindle.

Swindle was another Transformer who suffered because of past events; however, while Starscream deals with the responsibility of not only ruling Cybertron but also guiding all of the Transformers on the planet, Windblade is at war with herself. While she might be out for the count physically, she is battling Vigilem that wants to take over her body. She demonstrates how smart she is by saying directly to him that she knows what he is doing. Windblade becomes tempted, however, by Vigilem‘s offer of more power if he was able to take her over.

After everything that happened, Windblade may feel weaker. The temptation to not only heal her completely but make her stronger to best avoid these dangerous situations could be very attractive. That’s very well depicted in the art by Sara Pitre-Durocher. Windblade’s shame that she knows he is right comes across very directly in her artwork. She also visualizes the concern Onslaught has for Swindle, too. What continues to come across in Mairghread Scott’s writing is the need for Starscream to grow as a leader.

To pick him to rule Cybertron proves interesting. Scott is positioning the usual second-in-command to Megatron to be something greater than he usually is. It makes one wonder what the long-term arc is for the character. At the present moment, he seems to be getting the first taste of leadership difficulties. Bumblebee being the Transformer that challenges him is also pretty cool. He has always been one of Optimus’ second-in-commands and to see him challenge Starscream may prove to be a bigger challenge, should Bumblebee wish to be in charge of the planet himself.

Yet, seeing how everything is weighing on Starscream, you might not wish to be in his shoes right now. It could be a reason why Optimus Prime and Megatron became two different divergent examples of leadership. Optimus placed more trust in those he worked with, and Megatron was a bit more of a dictator. Starscream seems to be trusting a bit more in the Transformers to do their jobs, because he simply doesn’t believe he can handle everything. The conversation between Airachnid and Starscream about hallucinations he’s experiencing makes the reader wonder if there is a timeline on his reign.

The main antagonists the Transformers seem to be facing are themselves. They are all dealing with the aftermath of events that changed the way they saw one another and led to some disastrous consequences for their brothers and sisters. Their leader also is not frustrated with how things are happening. If he’s not completely concerned, can Starscream hang onto his power?

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